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> Oh, and Dogsbody was
> the first DWJ I read, and I became an instant fan...
> Oh well.
> Philip.

I, too, liked "Dogsbody."  (Please excuse the quotes.  I find that 
underlining doesn't go through on the list.)  It was one of the 1st I read as 
well.  I also count "Eight Days of Luke" as a favorite as well as "Archer's 
Goon."  I love "Howl's Moving Castle" and centered several lesson plans 
around it when I took "Literature for the Young Adult" in college.  I always 
recommend "Witch Week" to my young friends to hook them on DWJ.  16 years 
after discovering DWJ, I forced myself to read "Cart and Cwidder."  I like it 
now but it's not one that I would continue to reread.  
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