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Wed Jul 4 15:18:15 EDT 2001

Ros said...
> I very much enjoyed "Waking the Moon", which I viewed as not so much a
> misrepresentation of Paganism and feminism, as an imaginative exercise:

Oh, now don't get me wrong; I do like "Waking the Moon", quite a lot.  I
also think it's quite accurate in what it depicts, but it only depicts a
very narrow strand of Paganism and feminism.  Of course, the other strands
of both are not relevant to the story, and would have no business in there -
but I do sometimes get worried that people who don't know much about
Paganism or feminism might read the book and think that what's depicted
there is the be-all and end-all of them.

> I read in an interview
> of Hand that the whole idea was stimulated by historiacal reading and
> research that seemed to suggest that the ancient goddess cults actually
> contained cruel and dark practices such as the sacrifice of men.

Yes, I think some, at least, of them did.  I think she's got all her
historical and ritual stuff pretty accurate, if not at all pretty. :-)

> Maybe after reading this historical stuff she felt
> annoyed by what she might have then seen as the idealisation by some
> feminists of ancient cultures thought to be ruled by women?

Grin.  Plausible theory.  I find that kind of idealisation pretty
irritating, anyhow.  Modern Paganism doesn't bear that much resemblance to
some of the ancient religions.

> Anyway, I can certainly see why Pagans could find it offensive.

Not offensive...just unnerving and a little worrying. :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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