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Anita Graham dzongri at admin.uwa.edu.au
Tue Jul 3 21:47:30 EDT 2001

> Gate seems to me to be about (inter alia) the concept of 
> "male aggression" that
> some feminists used to shout about a lot a few years ago.  I 
> don't agree with
> most of the doctrines that such feminists preached, but if 
> they were true, Gate
> provides a very good treatment.  (Minor spoiler)  By the time 
> the reader is told
> what is actually going on, I had almost decided (in my
> think-myself-into-the-situation persona) to apply for 
> citizenship of Women's
> Country...  Perhaps this is a feminist book for men?

I think Gate "looks" like a feminist book, but by the end the question of
whether the end justifies the means is left very open.

> While I think of it, another Tepper book that I liked, even 
> though I disagreed
> with its central doctrine, was one (can't remember the title) 
> in which the
> inhabitants of a (human) colony let the native creatures do 
> unspeakable things
> to them because of a promise of reincarnation as an 
> (immortal) native.  These
> natives also turned out to be the larval (not quite right, 
> but can't think of a
> better word) form of a creature of which a plague was being 
> suffered on another
> colony planet.  Can anyone remember what that was called?


> Oh, and Dogsbody was
> the first DWJ I read, and I became an instant fan...

I like Dogsbody the more I read it.

I'm not sure which is my favourite - perhaps  Spellcoats or The Crown of
Dalemark or OF COURSE... its Deep Secret.

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