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Tue Jul 3 13:25:46 EDT 2001


My confessional list includes Hexwood, Time of the Ghost, The Power of Three,
and parts of the Dalemark Quartet. I haven't really been converted on any of
these; I have always liked Fire and Hemlock, but it's one of the ones that every
time I read it, it makes me feel as though I hadn't properly appreciated it
before, and I always end up feeling that part of it has still escaped me. Oh,
and I used to have a problem with Tale of Time City (I think I mentioned this
before, early on) in that my copy of the book was flawed and instead of
containing the last few chapters of the book, duplicate chapters from earlier
were bound in their place, so I was caught in a time-loop and couldn't get to
the ending. And my stupidest errors? Not ordering (through the library) the Wild
Robert audiocassette earlier because I prefer reading books, especially the
first time, and not ordering Everard's Ride because it was "just short stories."

(At this point, I'd like to add further encouragement for anybody who can use
Interlibrary Loan to use it. It's the only practical way to get out-of-print
books sometimes. That's how I've found (for reading purposes) some of James
Blaylock's early books, Neal Stephenson's The Big U, and some others that I
can't think of currently.)

Also, speaking of moving (ahem) I'm about to move to Portland, OR, and I
remember there's somebody else on the list from Portland, but I don't remember
who. (Was it Sarah???)

Jennifer Forsyth

Melissa Proffitt wrote:

> On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 11:43:30 +0100, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:
> >>I recently reread _Time of the Ghost_, and found it more enjoyable
> >>than I remembered. (I think it's something to do with me now being the
> >>same age as the older Sally instead of the younger one.)
> >>
> >>I recently reread "The Sage of Theare" (I've got my copy of _Mixed
> >>Magics_ now), and found it more enjoyable than I remembered.
> >>
> >>Maybe it's time I reread _Witch Week_.
> >
> >Cool.  Is this the beginnings of a confessional thread: "I was a
> >teenage _Witch Week_ hater"?  (This isn't my real confession, btw.
> >:)  I'll see how brave other people are first.)
> >
> >I've said before that I didn't like _Sudden Wild Magic_ much at all,
> >and _Black Maria_ wasn't a big favourite, though I'm sure that one
> >will be more interesting on a reread.  _Dogsbody_ was great in the
> >canine parts, but wouldn't have made me a die-hard DWJite.  And I
> >probably compound the damage by *liking* _The Crown of Dalemark_.
> I still don't like _A Sudden Wild Magic_ very much.  I divide DWJ books into
> two groups--the ones that I loved instantly, and the ones that grew on me,
> and _SWM_ is sitting on the outside wanting to be part of either of these.
> :)
> I didn't like _Aunt Maria_, _A Tale of Time City_, or _Eight Days of Luke_
> very much the first time through.  And I've already said what I think of
> _Dark Lord of Derkholm_, though I freely admit that that one is all my own
> stupid fault.  I severely underestimated all the Chrestomanci books except
> for _Lives of Christopher Chant_; I thought they were shallow when I first
> read them.  Duh.  (What did I say about criticism being ultimately
> self-revelatory?)
> _Hexwood_ is in a category with _Archer's Goon_ for being both well-liked
> immediately AND for growing on me.  Along with _Fire and Hemlock_ and _Time
> of the Ghost_, those are the ones that always leave me stunned and amazed
> that anyone could be so talented.
> Melissa Proffitt
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