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Mon Jul 2 16:43:04 EDT 2001

On Mon, 02 Jul 2001 12:10:11 -0700, Rebecca Ganetzky wrote:

>but if you want a list of what I'm giving away tell me and once 
> >I've figured all the books out I'll e-mail you off-list with what I'm giving 
> >away. 
>>Me me me! 

>Okay, I'll add you to my ever growing list. 

Goody!  Like I don't have enough books already.

>>Okay, what I really think is that you shouldn't get rid of ANY books if you 
>>can store them. (True story: I sold Steven Brust's _Jhereg_ in a fit of 
>>prudishness over profanity, repented, and bought the *exact same book* back 
>>two years later. Strange coincidence that it hadn't gone anywhere...or 
>>maybe people had bought it and sold it back to the same used paperback 

>He-he he-he...I'm scared that someday someone will say I donated a copy of F&H to a used bookstore -- got 1.50 for it, do you know it's >selling for hundreds online?  (If anyone knows Sarah LaFontaine -- don't ell her.  (She's the previous owner of my copy of F&H)) 
>But honestly, some books I really don't want any more (I have a very scary book that I refuse to be in the same room with) and some books, >that I honestly think other people would enjoy more.  My books are meant to be enjoyed, and I secretly fear that if I leave them at home my >parents might give them to people who don't appreciate books.

Very good attitude.  I stored my books with my parents, and I think most of
them stayed safe.  One box got wet--fortunately not much, and fortunately
nothing I really cared about.  And I think my brothers got into them and
took some stuff...I know for a fact my brother stole my copy of _The
Silmarillion_ and I didn't notice for *years* until he 'fessed up last
May....  But my parents themselves are pretty safe.  :)

I think I paid about $3 for my copy of F&H.  I haven't paid full price for
most of my DWJ.  Just the new ones.  But some Heisenbergian phenomenon has
killed my good luck at finding rare books dirt cheap; once I realized what
good luck I was having, it disappeared.  I used to practically trip over
P.C. Hodgell wherever I went (not that it matters much since those books
have been reprinted...).

Melissa Proffitt
(who is SUPPOSED to be writing a book review or getting ready for vacation)

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