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On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 12:25:57 +0100 , Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

>Paul wrote
>> Yes. Among my favourite Tepper books, especially the prequel series
>> -- which I see you haven't mentioned. Did you know there's a prequel
>> series as well? 
>Yes, the Mavin series. I've never read them, which is why I didn't recommend
>them! They seem to be even more determinedly out of print than the Jinian
>ones and I have never seen them anywhere. I've finally given in and ordered
>them on the net, at more than I've ever paid for secondhand books before,
>(my poor aching credit card!) but they haven't come yet. I'm glad to know
>you like them, I'd hate to have gone to all the trouble and then find they
>weren't as good as the other trilogies.

I loved the True Game books, but never did find the third Mavin book.  I
think the third one.  I read these IN COLLEGE FROM THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
(see, Rebecca?  :)  and they were wonderful.  Jinian is still my favorite; I
just like this kind of fantasy, even when it turns out not to be fantasy
(Tepper gets points for handling this well, as opposed to Meredith Pierce
who handles it so badly I have never actually bought _Pearl of the Soul of
the World_ because I would rather pretend that whole ending Never Happened).
But there's a great scene in one of the Mavin books that has stuck with me
for years, about descending into this vast chasm, and the people who live
there, and the creatures at the bottom.  It's gotten a little tangled up
with Zilpha Keatley Snyder's series (can't remember the series name, but the
first book is _Below the Root_) which I GOT RID OF and now cannot find TO
SAVE MY LIFE.  (Rebecca?)  :)

But it's worth noting that a friend of mine who is very anti-Sheri-Tepper
(the soapbox lecturing thing) points out that the concept of bao, as
expressed in _Jinian Star-eye_, is basically a rationale for euthanasia
(also the bits about the drooling idiots in the care of the sisters of St.
Phallus).  My opinion is that, given the publication date, this book marks
the beginning of that trend toward didacticism that ruins her later books
for me.  In _Jinian Star-eye_ it's still possible to accept the rules of her
fantasy universe without taking them as a prescription for our world, unless
you really want to.

Melissa Proffitt
(can you tell yet that I'm in denial about the work I have to do this week?)
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