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Mon Jul 2 12:19:23 EDT 2001

On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 11:43:30 +0100, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>>I recently reread _Time of the Ghost_, and found it more enjoyable
>>than I remembered. (I think it's something to do with me now being the
>>same age as the older Sally instead of the younger one.)
>>I recently reread "The Sage of Theare" (I've got my copy of _Mixed
>>Magics_ now), and found it more enjoyable than I remembered.
>>Maybe it's time I reread _Witch Week_.
>Cool.  Is this the beginnings of a confessional thread: "I was a 
>teenage _Witch Week_ hater"?  (This isn't my real confession, btw. 
>:)  I'll see how brave other people are first.)
>I've said before that I didn't like _Sudden Wild Magic_ much at all, 
>and _Black Maria_ wasn't a big favourite, though I'm sure that one 
>will be more interesting on a reread.  _Dogsbody_ was great in the 
>canine parts, but wouldn't have made me a die-hard DWJite.  And I 
>probably compound the damage by *liking* _The Crown of Dalemark_.

I still don't like _A Sudden Wild Magic_ very much.  I divide DWJ books into
two groups--the ones that I loved instantly, and the ones that grew on me,
and _SWM_ is sitting on the outside wanting to be part of either of these.

I didn't like _Aunt Maria_, _A Tale of Time City_, or _Eight Days of Luke_
very much the first time through.  And I've already said what I think of
_Dark Lord of Derkholm_, though I freely admit that that one is all my own
stupid fault.  I severely underestimated all the Chrestomanci books except
for _Lives of Christopher Chant_; I thought they were shallow when I first
read them.  Duh.  (What did I say about criticism being ultimately

_Hexwood_ is in a category with _Archer's Goon_ for being both well-liked
immediately AND for growing on me.  Along with _Fire and Hemlock_ and _Time
of the Ghost_, those are the ones that always leave me stunned and amazed
that anyone could be so talented.

Melissa Proffitt
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