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|And, apropo of absolutely nothing, I was in the library the other day and
|sitting on the new books shelves in the fiction section was a new Jane Austin
|pastiche entitled Pride and Promiscuity. Evidently a couple of wags thought
|it would be a hoot to write a book of the "lost" sex scenes from Austin's

somebody once sent me the URL to the Darcy & Elizabeth wedding
night scene.  It was extremely well done in Austen's style, and I
found it... interesting.

If anyone is curious email me privately and I'll see if I can dig
it up.

ObDWJ: you know, I have no desire or need to see any kind of
missing scenes (risque or not) from dwj books.  Why is that?  I
don't feel like I'm hanging for missing bits.  Well, maybe I want
to know how _hb_'s Jamie works out his life, but the idea of dwj
fan-fiction just doesn't appeal.

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