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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Mon Jul 2 07:44:11 EDT 2001

Hallie wrote:
>Cool.  Is this the beginnings of a confessional thread: "I was a 
>teenage _Witch Week_ hater"?  (This isn't my real confession, btw. 
>:)  I'll see how brave other people are first.)
>I've said before that I didn't like _Sudden Wild Magic_ much at all, 
>and _Black Maria_ wasn't a big favourite, though I'm sure that one 
>will be more interesting on a reread.  _Dogsbody_ was great in the 
>canine parts, but wouldn't have made me a die-hard DWJite.  And I 
>probably compound the damage by *liking* _The Crown of Dalemark_.

I wasn't that keen on Sudden Wild Magic the first couple of times I read it,
but I took it away with me this weekend and really enjoyed it. I still think
Deep Secret is better, but I like a lot of the characters in SWM,
(especially Gladys) and I like the magic. (I think Crown of Dalemark is all
right- the modern bits make it seem a bit too detached from the "old"
Dalemark for it to work really well for me, but it's still a good book.)
My confession is that Charmed Life is my least favourite Chrestomanci book.
I don't know why, it just doesn't make me want to read it nearly as often as
the others. Fire And Hemlock is much the same- I enjoyed it, but I'm not
particularly bothered that I haven't read it for a couple of years ( I got a
copy when the new editions came out, and haven't opened it!)
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