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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Mon Jul 2 07:25:57 EDT 2001

> From: Sally Odgers 
> > > The Gate to Women's Country, Sheri S Tepper - This author has
> > > been highly recommended, but I haven't actually got to reading
> > > her. Something about her name (how petty!) put me off. 

Jennifer Rowland wrote:
> > I really like this one, and two early series, The True Game trilogy
> > and a "sequel trilogy" to it which all have Jinian in the title.
> > Marvellous worlds, great characters.

Paul wrote
> Yes. Among my favourite Tepper books, especially the prequel series
> -- which I see you haven't mentioned. Did you know there's a prequel
> series as well? 

Yes, the Mavin series. I've never read them, which is why I didn't recommend
them! They seem to be even more determinedly out of print than the Jinian
ones and I have never seen them anywhere. I've finally given in and ordered
them on the net, at more than I've ever paid for secondhand books before,
(my poor aching credit card!) but they haven't come yet. I'm glad to know
you like them, I'd hate to have gone to all the trouble and then find they
weren't as good as the other trilogies.
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