Moving, was Pop tarts was re Bread Pudding

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at
Sun Jul 1 22:14:54 EDT 2001

Though I hate
>moving, this is a lovely apartment, and its twice as large as the last one,
>so there is a lot more room for bookshelves =).

Now you've got me worried.  I move out to college in, drat, I was counting, 
really.  I'm a _good_ rebellious daughter.  (about two months) After reading 
Tam Lin I'm terrified of not having enough bookcase space.  I have 
nightmares wherein people tell me I can only bring ten novels to college and 
I wake up screaming.  On the positive said I've been using this as an excuse 
to inventorize my books (which of course involves rereading them, to give an 
objective rating of how good they are).  On the negative side it also 
involves giving books away :(...Which means if people want books, tell me, 
depending on how little room I'm going to have, I'm not necessarily giving 
away the best books in the world, and I'm mostly giving away kids's books 
and horror novels (horror was the "cool" thing in middle school.  For some 
unknown reason, I went with the trend...*_Goosebump_* books freak me out, 
even still) but if you want a list of what I'm giving away tell me and once 
I've figured all the books out I'll e-mail you off-list with what I'm giving 

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