Pop tarts, cons

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 1 21:56:15 EDT 2001

Having a very strong sweet tooth, I'm surprised that no one has mentioned 
that the majority of pop-tarts also have sprinkles of some type on top of 
the frosting, and often come in improbable colors.  Last I had one, it was a 
"Pokemon" pop tart and the inside was birght red "Poke berry jam" and the 
frosting was a really pretty dark blue, with red and yellow sprinkles.  The 
con refrence comes from the fact that I happened to be eating these pop 
tarts at a Con, which brings me to a topic that I've been meaning to bring 
up.  When I was at a Con mid-May, there was a woman there who was just like 
Laurel.  She looked at Laurel, and, although reputated to be very nice, the 
parts of her conversation that I over heard made her sound an awful lot like 
her.  The weird part is that she had dark hair, which I've always imagined 
Laurel as having, until I read that Laurel, like Polly, and Mary had the 
weird, nearly colorless hair. Was the hair color edited out of any version 
as far as people know?  Does anyone else envision Laurel with dark hair?
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