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Melissa wondered if a strong reading of Black Maria, making Aunt 
maria sympathetic were possible (sorry, I can't find the original 
post). I found this review on the alternet:

Aunt Maria is much more than the sweet old lady she appears to 
be. She is a mage mistress who has kept the town of Cranbury 
safe for generations. Once she was strong enough to defeat the 
forces of evil and chaos, imprisoning their strongest sorceror 
underground, now she is old and must find a successor.
She hopes this will be her great niece, Naomi, but she has already 
suffered the betrayal of her own daughter, can she trust again?

When Maria takes in little Naomi, her brother Christopher 
and their Mother she tries to teach them the disciplines they will 
need to become guardians of Cranbury. Encouraged by the 
corrupt Phelpses, chief minions of the evil one, the children rebel, 
throwing Maria's kindness in her face. She has no choice but to 
compel Christopher, the ring leader, into his true form - a wolf and 
have him hunted down like the animal he is. Now she must win 
back Naomi's trust,  and get back the box of power the children 
stole, before the evil one can rise to destroy  all that she has 


"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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