Serafina, origin of and angels

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>Some of what I wrote comes from Bible studies, which are indeed part of the
>regular school curriculum for all schoolchildren in Israel from second
>on. My school was a secular school, so the focus in later years was more on
>the Bible as literature, and less on religious aspects. Otherwise I doubt
>would have been taught about the theory of the two creation myths, which
>assumes that the book of Genesis was once two books, one written at a later
>period in time, that were sort of edited together even later in history.
>Religion would have it that the Genesis we read today was passed down
>verbatim from God to Moses on mount Moriah.

I'm not sure if you mean all religions or only Judaism here, Gili. If the
latter, I can't comment, as I know very little about it; if the former, I
would like to stand up for liberal Christians and their attitude to the
Bible which is slightly more intelligent than this!

Incidentally, during the course of my theology degree we were taught that
Genesis was probably three books. Two of them were fairly contemporary with
each other, and the third, the "priestly" book, was probably added about the
same time that the Law was written. Not sure when that was but I also
remember being told that it was much later than suggested, and that when it
was claimed that the Torah had been found after many years it had actually
just been written. Mind you, my Old Testament lecturer was one of the
biggest cynics I've ever met...


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