Serafina, origin of and angels

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>I seem to recall that neither Matthew nor Mark wrote their gospels in
>Hebrew, which is why when each has Jesus' last words in Hebrew, it's
>followed immediately by a translation.
>This nugget of recollection may or may not be relevant.

All four of the gospels were originally written in Greek of various styles,
ranging from Mark's rough and unpolished effort (the earliest of the four)
to John's smooth stylishness. Given this fact about Mark's writing, I have
never understood why his gospel is supposed to be the easiest for those
beginning New Testament Greek (compulsory part of my degree) - I found it
very difficult, though never tried John to compare it. Mind you, I found
both Greek and Hebrew nearly impossible, in spite of a supposed aptitude for
languages - no problems with French, German, Italian or Latin! - and only
passed the exams by the time-honoured method of learning translations.


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