OT: Mononoke

Sarah Imholt mesarahkanah at netzero.net
Tue Jan 30 22:15:52 EST 2001

M Elizabeth Parks wrote:

> awful. <coughclairedanescoughbillybobthornton>.  Keith David also rocked
> in that, but that's just because Keith David is mad cool.  <GARGOYLES!  I
> have still not forgiven Disney for canceling it.  Best American cartoon
> EVER.  Not that I'm opinionated or anything.>

AhHAH!  I picked up a used copy of Mononoke at Blockbuster this weekend (I did see
it in the theater as well) and I could not place that voice to save my life!  I
used to watch that cartoon all the time--managed to watch it all last summer
because the golf course I worked at had a dish and it always came on just as it was
about time to close up.  So I'd stay and watch.  The guy who does Beast's voice on
Disney's Beauty and the Beast also is great.  Rumbly....


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