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I'm clearing out my old mail...

Sending this both to the list and to Courtney and Deborah.

> We're looking for a few different types of information:
> 1. Title of the book in the non-English language, and what language it is
> 2. Is it a different title than the English title?  If so, what does it
> mean when you translate it back?
> 3. Were the names of the characters changed?  If they were, can you give
> us a mapping from English -> other language for the main characters?

I've found four listed in Dutch, and I realize that I read all of
them in Dutch before I got hold of them in English, but I don't have
access to any at the moment so I can't answer some of the questions
until I get to a really large bookshop or library (which in our case
we have not got).

Acht dagen met Lucas - Eight days of Luke
"Eight days with Luke"

I think most names are slightly different, making them Dutch names
with the same meaning and overtones. This one is probably in our
local library (hey, would my daughter like it? She's reading Harry
Potter and enjoying it, so she's probably old enough)

De negen levens - Charmed Life
"The nine lives"

Cat is called Kat ("Cat"); I'm pretty sure the name "Chant" is
different but I've mercifully forgotten. Some other names as well. It
was translated in 1980, when it was de rigueur for children's books
to translate the setting as well.

De onbekende reiziger - Cart and Cwidder
"The unknown traveller"

Most names changed, many only in minor ways. The ones I remember: 
Kialan -> Kilian
Moril -> Merijn
Dagner -> Diederik 
Brid -> Birgit

De magische mantels - The Spellcoats
"The magical cloaks"

Many names changed, and I think whole paragraphs of history have been
left out. They surprised me when I read it in English, anyway.


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