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No pretence this is anything other than off-topic but:

M Elizabeth Parks <meparks at mtholyoke.edu> writes

> I've just been writing a paper comparing Mononoke Hime (I'm sorry
>but I have issues with the English title so I'm going to be all
>pretentious and use the japanese.  don't you hate it?  I do) to Cormac
>McCarthy's "The Crossing."  (part of the same series as "All the Pretty
>Horses," which was made into a movie directed by dear ol' Billy Bob,
>interestingly enough)  I'm going back and forth between that and a paper
>on postfeminist reactionary fantasy heroines, in which I mention Sophie
>from "Howl." 

You may know this already, but the characters in Mononoke have
precendents in other Miyazaki fantasy works, most obviously Nausicaa
(which was both a movie and a very long comic-strip). For example, one
could argue that both Ashitaka (the boy) and San (the wolf-girl) in
Mononoke represent different aspects of the Nausicaa character. If you
need more info, there's plenty of material at the Nausicaa net site
andrew osmond
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