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M Elizabeth Parks meparks at mtholyoke.edu
Mon Jan 29 13:52:12 EST 2001

tanaqui wrote:
but has anyone else bought the DVD of _Princess Mononoke_, which Disney
obligingly released with the Japanese track as well as the Neil Gaiman
dub? (after a huge online petition)

Um, no, not yet, because I wasn't entirely sure that the japanese track
was on it, and while I liked Billy Crudup's Ashitaka (and they censored me
when I wrote that on a wish list at amazon :6, believe it or not) I didn't
like the rest well enough.  I thought the translation was well done, but
some of the voice actors were pretty darn
awful. <coughclairedanescoughbillybobthornton>.  Keith David also rocked
in that, but that's just because Keith David is mad cool.  <GARGOYLES!  I
have still not forgiven Disney for canceling it.  Best American cartoon
EVER.  Not that I'm opinionated or anything.>

Mine has a glitch about 12 or 13 minutes into it, which might be an
appallingly-placed layer-transition (usually located in a fade-to-black
or a quiet bit so as not to be horribly obvious). I'm not an anime-nut,
and I'm the first among my friends to start buying Miyazaki on DVD rather
than tape. If this isn't common to all the pressings, then I am going to
complain to my retailer, but if it's a poor layer-change it's tragically

I would definitely suggest taking it back because I haven't heard anything
about that from anyone else and I have a lot of friends who are really
into anime.

It's actually really quite a coincidence that you wrote about this,
because I've just been writing a paper comparing Mononoke Hime (I'm sorry
but I have issues with the English title so I'm going to be all
pretentious and use the japanese.  don't you hate it?  I do) to Cormac
McCarthy's "The Crossing."  (part of the same series as "All the Pretty
Horses," which was made into a movie directed by dear ol' Billy Bob,
interestingly enough)  I'm going back and forth between that and a paper
on postfeminist reactionary fantasy heroines, in which I mention Sophie
from "Howl."  (in case you haven't noticed I love trying to find odd odd
ways to bring things on topic--it's sort of like playing the kevin bacon
game, y'know?)  which is why I had to post a reply even though I really
don't have an answer for you :^).

lizzie, who along with mono last semester seems to have had a bad bad case
of anime nut-itis <coughs and hides fushigi yuugi wallpaper>

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