Serafina, origin of and angels

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Mon Jan 29 08:08:30 EST 2001

>>(I'd be interested to know what the Hebrew version of 14:12 says. The
>>Latin version as well, since "Lucifer" is Latin.)
>Looking in the Hebrew version, I have:
>"Eich nafalta mishamayim heylel ben-shachar ..."
>The how art thou fallen bit is fine, "ben-shachar" does mean "son of 
>dawn", but I have no idea what that "heylel" is doing there. It 
>looks like a name, from the same root as the "Hillel" bit of my 
>surname, which basically means praise or exultation ("Halleluya" 
>means "praise the lord"). I've never studied this passage and I 
>don't have an annotated bible here...

Really getting in over my head here, but my Bible has this note on v.12:

"From aspirations for divinity (compare Gen.11.4-8), he falls to the 
anonymity of Sheol.  Canaanite mythological background is reflected 
in Day Star and Dawn (Hebrew "Helal" and "Shahar", names of 

If that is even remotely useful...

Hallie (who _should_ be re-reading Frankenstein, but would rather not.

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