Serafina, origin of and angels

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>From: M Elizabeth Parks <meparks at>
>p.s. Gili, it's so cool that you know all that.  I at least was
>interested.  How do you know that?  Is that from going to church or
>personal interest or do they <sighs jealously> actually teach religion in
>the schools over there?

I'm glad you're interested because I was begining to worry that this 
off-topic thread is getting a bit long. But I think it's more or less tying 
itself off here.

A lot of what I wrote (like the difference between "el" and "elohim") just 
comes from my grasp of the Hebrew language. There are quite a few 
differences between the Hebrew of antiquity and modern Hebrew, but the two 
are probably closer than Shakespearean English and Modern English.

Some of what I wrote comes from Bible studies, which are indeed part of the 
regular school curriculum for all schoolchildren in Israel from second grade 
on. My school was a secular school, so the focus in later years was more on 
the Bible as literature, and less on religious aspects. Otherwise I doubt we 
would have been taught about the theory of the two creation myths, which 
assumes that the book of Genesis was once two books, one written at a later 
period in time, that were sort of edited together even later in history. 
Religion would have it that the Genesis we read today was passed down 
verbatim from God to Moses on mount Moriah.
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