Serafina origin of and angels

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Mon Jan 29 09:25:01 EST 2001

>From: M Elizabeth Parks <meparks at>
>"Following Sally's Ang EL I have to point out Isra EL as well."

Except in "angel" it's coincidental, as "angel" is distinctly not a Hebrew 

>I noticed that the name Eli derives from the hebrew word `eli, meaning
>"high, ascent."  Which I thought was interesting.

That's very odd... Though I wouldn't be surprised to find the same 
definition under the name Ali, spelled in Hebrew with the letters Ayin and 
Lamed, meaning over, on top of, or generally up. The word "el", asides from 
meaning god, is also a very common pronoun meaning "towards". Hence the name 
of the Israeli Airline "El-Al" means "towards upwards", or "skywards".

>btw, ELizabeth means "God is my oath." (elisheba`)

I never made that connection, but it makes sense!
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