Serafina, origin of and angels

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Sun Jan 28 22:39:20 EST 2001

Gili wrote:
I'm not familiar with the new
testament, but Jesus probably says "lamma azavtani" or "lamma zanachtani"
("why have you left me" or "why have you abandoned me").

Has anyone else read that Elizabeth Peters book ("Summer of the Jackal," I
believe--one of her earlier ones) where the Atlantean translation of this
is offered?  It's wildly funny, but I can't remember it and can't get to a
copy--if anyone else knows it, please tell what it is.



p.s. Gili, it's so cool that you know all that.  I at least was
interested.  How do you know that?  Is that from going to church or
personal interest or do they <sighs jealously> actually teach religion in
the schools over there?  Don't get me wrong, I'm for complete seperation
of church and school,even more than most liberal people,  but I wouldn't
mind having been able to take more
religion classes in high school--as in, purely scholarly and optional.  I
took one religion class in high school.  Intro to Religion--it was taught
through judicious use of "Seinfeld" and "The Simpsons" episodes by a
Promise Keeper (conservative male-centered christian group).  so i went
off to college and declared a religion major.

lizzie. . . who is one of the few people in the world to *not* like


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