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M Elizabeth Parks meparks at mtholyoke.edu
Sun Jan 28 22:32:49 EST 2001

Hallie wrote:
I dunno.  I thought it was pretty darn cool for a member of one of
the most famous rock groups in the world to be unrecognizedly poking
through used books at a church fete.

I think it's *very* darn cool. . . not just the unrecognized part, but the
fact that he was there poking at all.  He's got to be rather wealthy, and
could surely afford to just order whatever he wants online or
whatever: think if how much fun you'd miss.  That's the one complaint I
have about the DWJ reprints--you lose the fun of poking hopefully through
used bookstores.  (Hey!  I brought it on topic! sort of)  I just remember
the way I felt when I found "Fire and Hemlock" for ninety cents, or that
second copy of "Tale of Time City" in perfect condition, or "Howl" after
YEARS (literally) of searching.  I adore used bookstores.  Rest assured,
if I ever become a member of a huge famous band and had tons of money
(which is about as likely as me ever marrying Mickey Mouse [and I'm rather
anti-disney]) I'll still go to church fetes {though I'm not sure I've
actually ever been to one.  Well, I'll start).


oh, hey, the disney thing made me think of it: whatever happened to the
anime "Howl" that was under discussion?  Because I have thought of the
perfect person to do Howl's voice, but I have to look it up before I can


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