Serafina origin of and angels

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Sun Jan 28 21:02:26 EST 2001

As Gili said
> "el" is just a generic word for god, any god - in plural, "elim". 

However  I've been taking a look in my mythology books. Here I find 
El as the name of an important Canaanite god (from the Ras 
Shamra texts found at Ugarit). Styled as Bull El, he is the father of 
the Gods and dwells in the field of El at the source of the rivers 
(shades of the One in Dalemark).  Interestingly his rebellious son is 
the biblically vilified Baal.

Following Sally's Ang EL I have to point out Isra EL as well. And 
Dorian, what's the origin of Israfel in your e address?

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