A Propos of Even Less

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Jan 28 14:55:18 EST 2001

>A propos of even less, we found a good Elise in a book.  She's not
>the main character, by any stretch, but what you see of her is nice.
>The book's The Ramsey Scallop, and Elise is a friend of Elenor (the
>heroine), and has become the village cobbler as most of the men of
>the village have gone off on Crusade.
>Ooo, I'll have to read that one.  I meant to reply to the thread of 
>bookelises back in December, but I never quite did. I liked that 
>tale of the unusual and talented real landlady Elise - a role model!
>Cobbling, that could be quite nice....

:)   We never see her doing any cobbling, but it's an interesting 
problem that's referred to.  All those men away for 8 years or so, 
and the women had to get on with things, and then the men came back, 
and it was a difficult re-adjustment.  Sort of a Medieval Rosie the 
Riveter situation.  (I hope someone knows what I'm talking about 

And if the Elise (in the first few chapters) isn't enough to get you 
to read this, they tell the story of Patient Griselda!  Complete with 
disgusted remarks from the women, natch.


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