OT - U2

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Jan 28 16:11:35 EST 2001

There's little justification that comes to mind for _starting_ a 
completely off-topic post, but I know some people here are big U2 
fans, so I couldn't resist.

First off, Bono came to our church this morning - with his wife and a 
child.  Becca wasn't there, as she's been home sick for days, and 
Cara missed seeing him, because the younger kids had gone off to 
Sunday School.  Her class was pretty disgusted when they heard.

Anyway, I think the better story is about last year's church fete. 
Towards the end of the afternoon, the Rector (Gordon) pointed out a 
guy browsing among the books (I was on children's books, in a 
different part of the room).  Gordon said he'd just gone up to this 
guy and introduced himself, and the guy had introduced _himself_ as 
The Edge.  Gordon's son is a huge U2 fan, and he said he'd probably 
never be forgiven for not recognizing him.

I dunno.  I thought it was pretty darn cool for a member of one of 
the most famous rock groups in the world to be unrecognizedly poking 
through used books at a church fete.


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