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>From: "Anna Skarzynska" <theania at>
>I thought that there must be a connection with God, like in Emanuel, and in
>Genesis you get Elohim, don't you? And there is that question of two
>separate creation stories in Genesis... but I digress. Is the el in the
>angels' names the same one? And I just remembered that when Jesus dies on
>the cross he cries out something like "Eli, Eli, lamma sabachtani". Same el

Not meaning to offend anyone's religious sensibilities, the goal is to 
educate, not to take the name in vain!

"el" is just a generic word for god, any god - in plural, "elim". False gods 
or idols are usually called "elil"(singular) "elilim"(plural) which is the 
diminutive form of the same word. "Elohim" usually refers only to THE God, 
and it is treated as singular even though the word is in plural form 
(similarly, "adonai" is translated as "my lord" even though it actually 
means "my lords"). So I guess I'd say "El" is god, "Elohim" is God. "Eli" is 
the possesive form of "el" - "my god". I'm not familiar with the new 
testament, but Jesus probably says "lamma azavtani" or "lamma zanachtani" 
("why have you left me" or "why have you abandoned me").

Emanuel/Immanuel means "God is with us". Some names start with "El" instead 
of ending with it, such as Elijah/Eliyahu: "my god is Y_".

The two creation stories interpretation arose because some chapters in 
Genesis simply refer to God while other chapters actually name God.

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