Place names was Fire and Hemlock revisited or maybe not

Ven ven at
Thu Jan 25 13:43:40 EST 2001

> Now, try and guess
> > the pronunciation of this Sheffield place name -- "Beauchief"
> okay:
> Beecham
> (I like to throw that in because I met someone named Beauchamp - it was very
> confusing.  How can your nickname be Bo and your name be Beecham?)
> Bewkey
Nowhere near

> Bokey?

> Bewchay?  Bewcheff?

> Bewley?
> Buckley?
> Bewsey?

Wise to give up, Elise!

Then Sally suggested Bo -cheef or perhaps Bor- sheff.......

It is, in fact, Bechiff, with the emphasis on the "Be". 

The hapless tourists were asking me for the Beauchief Hotel, 
pronouncing it as German accented French, which I didn't 
understand at all at first. The penny only dropped after I'd firmly told 
them I'd never heard of the place....... I had to call them back and 
try to explain that I did know where they'd meant really and it was 
just up the road and was pronounced Bechiff, honest. They didn't 
look convinced. 


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