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Gill said...

> What I do find interesting is the vastly different connotations that
> "cherub" has in English or Hebrew (as in angel, not as in cabbage). An
> English cherub is a chubby baby with silly little downy wings. But the
> golden cherubim (cherub is singular, cherubim plural) protecting
> the ark in
> Solomon's temple are assumed to have looked more like winged sphynxes. Go
> figure. And then there's Madeline L'engles idea of a cherub in "A Wind at
> the Door" - a sort of hodgepodge of multiple wings and eyes.

Uh...I thought that was one of the others - the Principality, possibly.  I
know I read a description (and/or saw a picture) of one of the seven choirs
that fit that.  Or maybe it was the Ophanim.  (What's the singular of
Ophanim, btw?  Ophan?  Ophanite?)

> Have we discussed here how all Angels' names end with "el":
> Gabriel
> Daniel
> Michael (pronounced in Hebrew Mee-kha-el)
> Ariel

Doesn't the "el" syllable mean something like "God" or "Light"?  (And if the
latter, wouldn't that mean that Lucifer's name was anglicised from something
else?  What?)

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