DWJ books in Germany

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Thu Jan 25 05:02:08 EST 2001

Sallyo suggested:
>Hexe Holz. Has a nice ring to it, nein?

Hmm. <g> Sounds a bit like Hexenhaus, you know with gingerbread and
sugar icing, Haensel und Gretel and wild animals with karies ;-)
Oh, and there's this book, "The little witch" (Die kleine Hexe) with
Moorhexe, Waldhexe, Seehexe, Kraeuterhexe (moor witch, wood witch, herb

What about Hexwald? or Hexenwald? I'm not so sure, the first sounds a
bit like an oldfashioned name (Oswald...) and the second is also very
Grimm brothers like.


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