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Thu Jan 25 04:12:54 EST 2001

Tanaqui, about the German Titles
>> Deep Secret
>>Eine Frage der Balance // A question of balance

>I dunno: whatever are they going to call _Hexwood_, having mentioned
>the "balance" for _Deep Secret_?

I haven't read Hexwood yet, but, anyhow, I feel that "A question of
Balance" would be a fitting (if revealing) title for "A sudden wild
magic", too.
I haven't read "A sudden wild magic" in German. The title "Ploetzlich
war da wilder Zauber" sounds rather poetic, but I doubt they would call
"wild magic" "wilden Zauber" in the text, to me that would have to be
"wilde Magie". Because "Zauber" is connected with "Zauber-spruch"
(spell, charm, "magic-words"), whilst the "Magie" is more direct...


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