Serafina, origin of and angels

Tanaqui tweaver at
Wed Jan 24 23:49:53 EST 2001

Gili wrote:

+ > cherubim - in modern Hebrew this would be pronounced "kruvim". Then again,
+ > in modern Hebrew the word is more commonly used to denote cabbages...

And Ania wondered why.

Here is a completely spurious origin:
when Tom Yates (madhatta) and I were discussing the mediaeval orders of angels,
we got onto why they all existed and what differentiated them. One of the
divisions was Contemplative/Contemplative-Active/Active, with the top three
orders being the ones who tended to congregate around God and gaze a lot and
the bottom three being message-bearers to mankind and suchlike. So, Tom said 
"basically, cherubim are, like, your cosmic cabbages".

So, Gili's notes didn't seem terribly surprising to me. Of course, they
*should* have. Serendipity |-)
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