DWJ books in Germany

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Wed Jan 24 23:12:14 EST 2001

+ Deep Secret
+ Eine Frage der Balance // A question of balance

I dunno: whatever are they going to call _Hexwood_, having mentioned
the "balance" for _Deep Secret_?

+ Comments: When I was reading the book I constantly wondered who the
+ person in the middle of the cover was supposed to be. (And the fat

And the sigil, and the big draconic thing, and the little flying lizards...
Where are the centaurs?

+ Pl=F6tzlich war da wilder Zauber
+ A sudden wild magic

And this cover would fit _Hexwood_ better than any of the other books (not
that it would actually be apposite, but it's definitely in mystery-wood zones).

I love the idea of a book called _We're absolutely mad after witching_.

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