Place Names was Fire amd Hemlock revisited or maybe not

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Wed Jan 24 19:54:32 EST 2001

>Some of these pronunciations have definitely shifted:

>Sheffield = Sheff-eeld,  we also call  it "Sheffie, do Aussies do that 

No, but Launceston gets "Lonnie" sometimes.

>There's probably more than one way to pronounce some of these -- 
>people still argue about "Derby" for example. 

We've got one of those, pronounced Der - bee - to rhym with purr - sea.

>Now, try and guess 
>the pronunciation of this Sheffield place name -- "Beauchief", its a  

I'd call it Bo - cheef, but it could be Bor-sheff.

However, I expect it isn't, or you wouldn't have asmentioned it!

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