Fire & Hemlock Revisited (or maybe not...) Boudicca.

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Wed Jan 24 07:10:19 EST 2001

> >ISTR that the correct pronounciation is something like
> >"Boo dik ka".
> Our Grade 5 teacher said it was Bo - add - a - see - a but she might have
> been wrong.
> Sallyo.

As far as I remember from my Celtic Studies course, Boudicca (BOO-dic-a),
meaning Victory, was the original and correct form. Boadicea arose from
misreading, or mis-copying Boudicca on a MS. C can easily be mistaken for an
E, and the whole word looks and sounds different. The name is still in use
in Wales, now in the form Buddug. (both Us pronounced like U in lettuce or
business, dd = th in the)

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