Fire & Hemlock Revisited (or maybe not...)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Wed Jan 24 04:48:21 EST 2001

>Does Australia also have the pronunciation and spelling shifts that
>have happened her in the US? 

I expect we do, but because I hear the Australian names far more often than
the originals (which I usually read rather than hear) I really couldn't say.
I was really surprised to find some of "our" names overseas when I was a
teen! (I don't mean I went overseas, just that my reading expanded.)  In
Tasmania we have Sheffield (we say Sheff - ee- eld) and Railton (we say
Rail-ton), Launceston (we say Lon - sess - ton) Richmond, Devonport,
Ulverstone (Ulv-er-ston) Bicheno (Bee-sh'n-o) and Beaconsfield
Have those shifted?

Not far. Launceston, I think, is one of the ones like Leicester (pron.
where you don't say the whole lot- Lons-ton. I'm not sure about Sheffield,
been saying it to myself and it sounds right, depending on how quickly you
it, as Shef-field, Sheff-ee-ld, or even Shefild. I think it's from "the
field on 
the River Sheaf". 
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