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Wed Jan 24 03:56:51 EST 2001

Concerning: "We're crazy about witching"
There is actually some kind of pun in the title that *I* couldn't
translate. "versessen" "crazy about" is rather close to "besessen"
"obsessed" (in need of exorcism ;-)

Concerning: "Archer's goon" The whole translation has its difficulties.
We've already discussed it on this list: several names were changed,
among them Archer, who became Winston. Also the word goon is translated
as Dussel, which carries less threatening and more "goofy" nuances.
"Winstons Dussel" would be a very very strange title.

Personally, I prefer "Power of Three" to "Curse of the Ring".

Another difficulty I wanted to mention is that a translator has to be
creative because magician and enchanter (and wizard) can all be
translated by "Zauberer". If you call the Magicians of Caprona
"Zauberer", you'll have to look for a different word for enchanter or
make the difference clear in another way.

I'm going to post the list again when it's complete, and then also to
Courtney and Deborah.


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