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>My children's lit prof had a spiel on this.  She says that so many books
>are written about orphans because one of the young adolescent's biggest
>fears is being alone, esp. in the case of losing parents.  Thus you have
>both teh books about orphans who get along well on their own--think Harry
>Potter--and the survival books, like Hatchet by Gary Paulsen which I
>never liked, which have kids surviving on their own in wilderness. 

Yup. E. Nesbit did the most blatant form of dishing this up with her "no 
servants ("grownups"-E. Eager) noticing" rider on the wishes in one of the 
Psamiad books. (And an opportunity for pure farce when they DON'T notice!) 
That pretty much summed up the real priorities so far as I could see. Eager 
is also the one who had his characters pointing out how most of the 
adventures in kids' books always seemed to take place in the summer so as not 
to interfere with the kids' schoolwork. (In The Well-Wishers, I think.)
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