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zabeth Parks writes:
>Our Grade 5 teacher said it was Bo - add - a - see - a but she might have
>been wrong. She said you pronounced Massachusetts  (or however you spell
>that state) as Mass - a  chew - sa.
>Hmm.  That's better than what my cousin told me when I was about
>five: "it's mass o' two shits!" he swore (forgive my language, please,
>where I go to school, I discovered that they call each other
>Massholes. . . . at least when driving.  My philosophy can now be summed
>up by the phrase "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Some of us here pronounce it "Taxachusetts", particularly around April
(tax time).  It's interesting to note that the "simple" MA income tax form
is much longer and more complex than the simple federal income tax form...
and if you've made money from investments of your own business, you get
into a whole 'nother world of hurtin'- get an accountant or give up now!

Funny, having grown up here, it never occurred to me that there would be
uncertainties about how it was pronounced.  The things you learn... :)

One resident of this benighted state who does *not* have a Baaahston
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