DLOD, YOTG -- Families

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Tue Jan 23 20:08:47 EST 2001

>Really, on thinking about it, an awful lot of kids' fantasy is
>written about only or lonely children. Kind of target market for the

It's a given or cliché. Just like the ghost story where a lonely child meets
a ghost in Ch 1 or 2, is given a task, then doesn;t meet ghost again until
last chapter - just to say thanks. I always thought that was a real cheat
when I was a child, so when I came to write a ghost story myself I stuck the
ghosts in like sultanas in fruit cake and made my heroine a real bossy boots
with more confidence than was good for her. Did any reviewer praise my
innovation? Did they heck! They ignored the book utterly. Sigh.


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