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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at Proffitt.com
Tue Jan 23 19:15:40 EST 2001

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001 20:51:31 , Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

>>Thank you for reminding me why I hate translations so much.  Why, oh why, 
>>they have to change the title?  Particularly with things that give plot
>>elements away?
>Much as I agree, particularly about some of these titles, sometimes there 
>really isn't much choice! I'm wracking my brains over what to call "Charmed 
>Life" and "The Lives of Christopher Chant" in Hebrew. "Charmed Life" ends up 
>being "Life of Magic" which both literally and figuratively loses the charm. 
>"The Lives of Christopher Chant" falls flat because "Life" in Hebrew is 
>already plural - so should we call it "The multiple lives of Christopher 
>Chant"? "The nine souls of Christopher Chant?" My point being, the literal 
>translation is sometimes far from the best translation.

I don't really want literal translations.  But I *would* like it to be
moderately faithful to the intent.  Please do *not* use "The nine souls of
Christopher Chant".  I don't like the number given away in the title like
that.  I'd much prefer multiple.  Or many.

>Which is not to say there aren't better solutions that "we're crazy about 

Yeah.  I don't want to be too disparaging because translations are difficult
to begin with.  But I *am* tired of really bad title translations.

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