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Tue Jan 23 18:25:21 EST 2001

Elise said...

>I am loaning her Deep Secret next, because we've both just read Bimbos
>of the Death Sun (hereafter "Bimbos").  Has anyone else read this Sharyn
>McCrumb book?  It's a mystery set at a (mais oui) Con.

Ohh, yes!  It's one of my favourite books.  I actually came up with a plot
very similar to that of Bimbos long before I read it (being a long-time
con-goer, and there being an excessively horrible person who also went to
all the same cons...), and was a tad irritated to discover that it Had Been
Done.  But then I read the book (which, btw I bought at a trade stand at a
con!) and was enchanted.

>I can't decide if Bimbos might have influenced DWJ, or if I see
>similarities due to the Con experience common to both writers.

Well, certainly, one of the things I love about DS is the con setting...and
the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire (which is where Octocon was always
held) makes a pretty good Hotel Babylon. :-)  (Not that we were ever invaded
by stray centaurs or evil wizards, I hasten to least, not that *I*
ever noticed!)

>But anyway - picture yourself a new dwj fan who has just read Dogsbody and
>Secret.  What should I loan you next?

Well, I started my other half on Deep Secret, and then moved him on to Dark
Lord of Derkholm and Year of the Griffin.  Dogsbody was, in fact, one of my
first, along with Charmed Life, The Magicians of Caprona, and Drowned Ammet.
Followed, IIRC, by Power of Three and The Time of the Ghost.  (These being
the titles that my local library had!)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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