New Dogsbody Fan & Bimbos of the Death Sun

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Tue Jan 23 17:17:12 EST 2001

Hey, my co-worker just finished it at lunch.  She wanted to cry, said it was
just perfect and announces she has no regrets about the ending.  She's been
trying to pry hints from me about how it would turn out.

She was exulting yesterday about Duffy getting the bite she so richly
deserved.  It's a kick to see someone else enjoy it for the first time!

I am loaning her Deep Secret next, because we've both just read Bimbos of
the Death Sun (hereafter "Bimbos").  Has anyone else read this Sharyn
McCrumb book?  It's a mystery set at a (mais oui) Con.  I can't decide if
Bimbos might have influenced DWJ, or if I see similarities due to the Con
experience common to both writers.

But anyway - picture yourself a new dwj fan who has just read Dogsbody and
Deep Secret.  What should I loan you next?

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