Fire & Hemlock Revisited (or maybe not...)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Jan 23 16:04:40 EST 2001


>"She was right, more or less, about the pronunciation of Boadicea; it's
>just that Boadicea's name was really Boudicca.
>If I remember correctly."

Doesn't anybody else wonder how they _know_?

>A propos of nothing much, just seizing a floating thought - did 
>anyone else have that coloring book of famous women?  It was so awe 
>inspiring that I was afraid to color in it.  My favorites were 
>Boudicca and Lady Murasaki.  Poor Florence Nightingale and Golda 
>Meir were less exciting from the coloring perspective: it didn't 
>seem right to do them up in fuschia and turquoise.

Oh yes - we have that one.  (Not mine, of course, though I will 
confess to having coloured in various pictures of the Witch in my 
copy of The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe - on similar principles?)

>I like didjeridoo and boomerang a lot - Wagga Wagga is just *great!*
>Here's some for your enunciation pleasure from where I grew up: 
>Monongahela, Allegheny, *Punxatawney, Youghiogheny, Ligonier, 
>Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Cuyahoga.  Iroquois is a favorite of mine 
>as well.

*  It's Groundhog Day!  Oh sorry.

A propos of even less, we found a good Elise in a book.  She's not 
the main character, by any stretch, but what you see of her is nice. 
The book's The Ramsey Scallop, and Elise is a friend of Elenor (the 
heroine), and has become the village cobbler as most of the men of 
the village have gone off on Crusade.


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