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> Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 00:12:58 -0700
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> Subject: Re: Fire & Hemlock Revisited (or maybe not...)
> On Tue, 23 Jan 2001 18:03:10 +1100, Sally Odgers wrote:
> >>ISTR that the correct pronounciation is something like
> >>"Boo dik ka".
> >Our Grade 5 teacher said it was Bo - add - a - see - a but she might have
> >been wrong.
> That's how I first heard it, but since then I've seen it actually spelled
> "Bodicca" and several other ways.  Me, I try to avoid reading that one out
> loud.  However I say it, I'm sure to get it wrong.

At primary school in England we were taught to say it Bo-di-sea-a, 
then at some point academics decided Boo-di-ka was more correct 
and everyone from my latin teacher to telly academics tried to 
remember to say it like that. There was a story going round in 
archaeological circles about Sir Mortimer Wheeler, the excavator of 
Maiden Castle and  TV expert. He once grandly corrected an 
interviewer's  old style  pronunciation,  only to forget and call her 
Bo-di-sea-a himself a few minutes later. When the interviewer 
pointed this out Sir Mortimer replied, "Sir, I have known the lady for 
a lot longer than you,  long enough to call her whatever I like." (or 
words to that effect). So, however you say it, stick to your guns 
and you'll always be right!  


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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