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Diana Wynne Jones' books in Germany

Books momentarily available:

Dark Lord of Derkholm
Einmal zaubern – Touristenklasse // Do magic once –  tourist class
Lübbe (2000)
Translated by Eva Bauche- Eppers
Comments: This one has a real bad cover text: it actually describes
Blade as „debile“ and talks of Querida as a male...
Cover: Steve Crisp

Feuer und Schierling
Fire and Hemlock
Beltz und Gelberg (1995)
Translated by Wolf Harranth
Comments: I quite like that cover. It seems mysterious to me. Note that
the publishing house its different, it’s generally known for „good and
demanding“  children’s literature.

Deep Secret
Eine Frage der Balance // A question of balance
Lübbe (1999)
Translated by Eva Bauche-Eppers
Comments: When I was reading the book I constantly wondered who the
person in the middle of the cover was supposed to be. (And the fat naked
guy?). And whether the artist read the book...
Cover: Keith Parkinson

Plötzlich war da wilder Zauber
A sudden wild magic
Lübbe (1999)
Translated by Eva Bahche-Eppers
Comments: Now this cover lead me to believe the cover artist probably
didn’t read the book. There’s the person from Deep Secret again, so when
I started reading it I thought the books were connected...
Cover: Keith Parkinson

Books that will be out in 2001

The Lives of Christopher Chant
Die Welt des Chrestomanci – Neun Leben für den Zauberer // The World of
Chrestomanci – Nine Lives for the Enchanter
Carlsen Verlag, 2001
Translated by N.N.
Comments: It’s World of Chrestomanci, not worlds...

The Magicians of Caprona
Die Welt des Chrestomanci – Zauberstreit in Caprona
The World of Chrestomanci – Magic quarrel in Caprona
Carlsen Verlag 2001
Translated by N.N.

out of print books, still available in libraries

The Magicians of Caprona
Die Zauberer von Caprona
Cecilie Dressler Verlag
Translation: Ingrid Weixelbaumer

Charmed Live
Wir sind aufs Hexen ganz versessen // We’re absolutely mad after
Cecilie Dressler Verlag (1981)
Translation: Ingrid Weixelbaumer
Coverart and Illustrations: Rolf Rettich
Award: Silberner Griffel (Netherlands)

Archer’s Goon
Das Geheimnis des siebten Zauberers // The secret of the seventh
Cecilie Dressler Verlag

Power of Three
Der Fluch des Ringes // The Curse of the Ring
Cecilie Dressler Verlag
Award: Preis der Leseratten (ZDF Schülerexpress)

Cart and Cwidder
Die Kraft der Mandorla / The Power of the Mandorla
Cecilie Dressler Verlag

Witch Week
Cecilie Dressler Verlag

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