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Tue Jan 23 10:11:01 EST 2001

It has taken me forever to post this (the semester just started here and I
have a full-time teaching load this semester (although being paid on a
part-time basis) AND we have an electronic
workbook for the lower level Spanish courses here, which the stduents,
even the computer literate among them, *loathe*), but I bought a copy of
_Fire and Hemlock_ when I was in Germany last summer.  It's called _Feuer
und Schierling, from Beltz & Gelberg publishers, first published in '92
although my copy was printed in '99.  Translator was Wolf Harranth.  It
had to be special-ordered, although the bookstore did have a copy of _Deep
Secret_ in German which I didn't buy (too broke at that point).  I
particularly wanted a copy of F&H in German, partly because it's one of my
favorites and partly because at the time I didn't have it in English, and
foolish optimist that I am, I figured that with my year of college German
I could get my way through it. should have info about _Deep
Secret_.  I looked for Spanish copies when I was last in Spain (two years
ago) and I couldn't find any, although perhaps there is more interest now
due to Harry Potter.  I hope to get to Spain this July, and I would *love*
a Spanish copy of _Howl's Moving Castle_(my all-time favorite).  

Say, we seem to have a lot of people interested in both languages and
computers.  I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the role of
computers in language learning.  We introduced an Internet workbook for
the introductory Spanish courses here and it is meeting with a lot of
resistance (not completely unfounded resistance, I might add, due to some
technical glitches).  Any experience with this type of language learning?
Any opinions?  


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