Serafina, origin of.

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Mon Jan 22 08:49:13 EST 2001

> >Surely Serafina is originally Hebrew?
> >Ania
> Gili:
> I suppose "seraph" is Hebrew, one of the numerous biblical words for
> But I've never heard of anyone named "seraph", and "ina" is a distinctly
> non-Hebrew ending for a name.
> I gues it's another case of somebody thinking "that sounds pretty"- or
> "little angel, what a nice name". So it's "from Hebrew", rather than
> actually *being* Hebrew. (Like Mary or something- mutated to fit into the
> common language sounds of the namer.) Has anyone else seem the amazing
> musical Serafina? About the children's uprising in Soweto. I think the
> Serafina of the title was a black teacher.
> Jennifer
It sounds plausible, doesn't it? After all, we have Angelina: Greek "angel"+
not Greek "-ina", and probably many others. When people make up names, they
don't (alas!) observe linguistic rules.

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