Happy New Year and hello again! Much Rambling.

Mayaserana jenny.preston at virgin.net
Sat Jan 20 15:48:15 EST 2001

>Hi everyone,
>I am finally catching up with stuff. The festive season passed peacefully
>and pleasantly enough and involved lots of food. I haven't posted anything
>for a while beforehand because everyone started to discuss YotG, which I
>have not read yet. Being v. broke I am waiting for some spare cash so I can
>treat myself. I also ought to reread Dark Lord... Does anyone think that
>Derkholm is meant to be pronounced Darkholm, analogous with the
>pronunciation of Derby, Berkshire and the old pron. of vermin, preserved in
>Meanwhile, I read (finally!) Deep Secret and it was wonderful, probably my
>favourite DWJ. Then I noticed that the Dec. photo in my wall calendar was
>exactly like I imagined Hotel Babylon. The calendar was left here by my
>landlady and is of "picturesque Dorset" (English county, if anyone from
>overseas doesn't know) The photo in question is of the village of Corfe
>Castle at night. In the foreground is a sizeable country inn/hotel,
>illuminated, standing in what looks like the main village square. Behind
>the ruins of the castle, which stand on a hill and so poke above the inn's
>roofline. It looks at first glance like the inn and the castle are one
>structure. V. impressive.

I vaguely remember taking a picture of that myself when I was there a few
years ago, and now I think about it, it does look like Hotel Babylon.

>And following the list's recommendation, I just read P. Pullman's Northern
>Lights and it was FANTASTIC! Words fail me. I stayed up until 3 am to
>it and woke up thinking about it, and I am so impressed! My monstrously
>large cat, Thomas Black-Pudding, (aka Behemoth, after the cat in Bulgakov's
>Master and Margarita), who sleeps with me has now been positively
>as my daemon. I shall be buying vol 2 tomorrow. And I'll tell all my
>to read it.

The first 2 volumes are poo compared to the third one, which also mentions
someone called Tanaqui Weaver in the acknowlegements at the back.  I wonder
if there's really someone with that name, or if they made it up?

Mayaserana / Jenny
"I am not mortal, I need no sweater"

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